Field Equipment Technician - CA

The Facilities Technician plays a critical role in TSI's success by performing repairs at various TSI facilities. This role helps create a great environment for our members by maintaining and repairing carpentry, drywall, flooring, masonry, electrical, plumbing, fitness equipment and personnel viewing systems, in addition to the general upkeep of individual locations.
The Facilities Technician achieves success through embodying our cultural pillars (Genuinely Connected, True Relevance and Constantly Improving).
Genuinely Connected
Models the core attributes of a successful employee with the utmost integrity, lives the mission and empowers others to do the same; focused on building meaningful relationships with members, their kids and team members.
Responsibilities include:
Modeling and promoting the Clubhouse Rules.
Adhering to all TSI policies and procedures including, but not limited to timeliness, codes of conduct, uniforms and timekeeping.
Providing a high level of service to the "internal" customer (club team).
Proactively working with club teams to address areas of concern before they become serious issues.
True Relevance
Actively facilitates self and team member development; constantly seeking new ways to build skills and competency; elevates the brand experience.
Responsibilities include:
Performing repairs, maintenance and minor construction projects in accordance with safety measures and with minimal disruption to the member experience.
Responding to club and member concerns with timeliness.
Troubleshooting, repairing and maintaining fitness equipment to ensure that all are working consistently.
Maintaining detailed records of all repairs and equipment orders
Constantly Improving
Meets and exceeds company goals and metrics surrounding employees and members; never satisfied with the status quo.
Responsibilities include:
Striving to deliver results based on the assigned timetable for repairs in dedicated locations.
Proudly supports the training of new technicians.
Required Skills and Experience:
Demonstrated ability to manage timetables and meet deadlines.
Flexible work schedule allowing for immediate responses to facilities emergencies.
Strong track record of meeting and exceeding customer needs.
Skills in basic carpentry, drywall, flooring, electrical, and plumbing developed through 1-3 years on-the-job experience.
Skills with basic electronics and machinery repair and maintenance, such as fitness equipment, developed through 1-3 years on-the-job experience.
Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal communication skills.
Working knowledge of computers.
Capable of handling/moving equipment in excess of 100 lbs.
Must have valid driver's license.
Job Specifics
General:lockers, front/fitness desks, bulletin boards, signage, door stops, soap/lotion holders, fire extinguishers, railings, lock boxes, ceiling tiles/grids, benches, vents, baby changing tables, partitions, swim suit extractors, boxing/speed bag hardware, taping of stretch mats, steam head guards, locks, door knobs, door repairs, Formica, vinyl wall covering, furniture moves, deliveries, emergency response, preventative evaluations, as well as additional to work assignments by Field Supervisor and Regional Facilities Manager.
Drywall: demolition/rebuilding of walls, patching, taping, sanding, priming and painting.
Flooring: cove base, rubber matting install/repairs, VCT tiles, carpet installs/repairs, stair treds, reducers, saddles, non-skid tape.
Masonry: grouting, replace/installation of ceramic tiles.
Plumbing: faucets, flushometers, shower heads/handles, sprinkler caps, sinks/toilet/urinal installs, general caulking, pipe insulation, water fountains, snaking of waste lines and roof drains and investigate/trace leaks.
Electric: light bulbs, ballasts, lens covers, check breakers, test outlets, fixture replacement, emergency light packs.
Advance Projects: rebuilding of sauna benches/walls, waterproofing, roof repairs, wall framing, refurbishing of wood floors, and knowledge in hot water systems/pumps.
Fitness Equipment & Personnel Viewing Systems
Repairs Troubleshoot, diagnosis and resolves all issues with Fitness Equipment.
Vendor Troubleshooting Use of vendor website and call in support for in-depth trouble shooting
Inspections Scheduled and perform inspections of all equipment to insure equipment is functional and in proper working order.
Preventive Maintenance Schedule and perform preventive maintenance for all equipment as required by Manufacturer
Pads/ Wears Covers Inspect all wear covers and pads and replace as needed.
Asset Validation Confirm delivery of new equipment, attach tags and update service tickets with tag and serial numbers, in a required timeframe.
Equipment Inventory Yearly physical inventory of all Fitness Equipment
PVS Check all PVS to insure they are functioning properly; replace headphone jacks, coils and remotes as needed. Troubleshoot with AV Team to perform further repairs.

Don't Be Fooled

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